We are an independent
investment company

Our focus is on taking care of our clients’ wealth, always looking
for the best opportunities in Brazil and in the international markets.

GOW Capital has a sole purpose:
to add value in all we do
and to be an example of professionalism, quality,
dedication and respect for the client.

We have no conflicts of interest
we are remunerated exclusively by our clients,
always in a fair and transparent fashion.

we are

We have an extensive
and recognized experience
in financial and capital markets
and a solid track record.

we do

Our business model
is based on trust and
on the dedication of our
partners and team members to
the goal of serving our clients.

The finest in
managing your wealth.

Work Pillars

Team Experience

Our team’s expertise is what
ensures the knowledge expected
from a multi-family office.

International Presence

Being a firm with international connections
brings speed to information gathering
and increases access to opportunities.